Single-ply roofing systems are incredibly popular with commercial buildings.

Setting new industry standards, the simplicity of single-ply membranes has revolutionized commercial flat roof construction. If you’re considering installing, repairing, restoring, or performing maintenance on a single-ply roofing system, Wisconsin Roofing, LLC is here to help. Our staff are highly-trained roofing experts who love nothing more than to put a smile on our customers’ faces.

What Does Single-Ply Mean?

Single-ply roofing systems incorporate a single layer of high-tech, flexible membranes that are laid and affixed across the base of a roof. To protect against weather, a coat of synthetic polymer sealant is then applied. The three most common types of single-ply membranes include:

  • TPO (thermoplastic olefin)
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber)
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Why Choose Single-Ply?

The long track record of single-ply roofs speaks for itself. Advantages of this roofing option are countless, but a few of the major ones include:

  • Simplicity: Materials required for single-ply roofing systems are uniform and consistent, making installation a breeze for experienced professionals like Wisconsin Roofing, LLC.
  • Durability: Due to the strength of the single-ply membranes, you can expect less maintenance and a longer service life. Single-ply roofs are resistant to extreme temperatures, heavy rains, and fire.
  • Flexibility: As a lightweight and flexible roofing option, single-ply can be customized to your building’s unique needs and architectural qualities.
  • Affordability: As a cost-effective option, single-ply is competitively priced compared to alternatives. Plus, its durability reduces the need for repairs, meaning your investment will keep giving back for years to come.

Wisconsin’s Choice for Single-Ply Roofs

If your business or commercial building could benefit from the simplicity and reliability of a single-ply roof, Wisconsin Roofing, LLC is ready to make the process simple and the outcome excellent. Our expert staff is on call to help with entire roof replacements, as well as any maintenance and repairs that may be required. To learn more and get your free estimate, call Wisconsin Roofing, LLC today at (262) 349-6338.


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