Dr. Allison Dunlop

Commercial Metal Roof Replacement/ Gutter Replacement
Brookfield, WI

Learning about this commercial metal roof project

We were contacted by Dr. Allison Dunlop, owner of Integrative Veterinary Services, who needed roofing done the correct way. She had hired a roofer who charged an absurd amount of money for a very poorly done job. After learning about her horrible experience, we assured her she was in good hands.

Sending over one of our professionals to scope out the project and walk Dr. Dunlop through the steps, we were able to learn that we fit all of the criteria for the project. We worked with metal roofs, we had experience with commercial property, and we could easily work in Brookfield. Also, after speaking with her, our specialist learned a few details to make sure there was a smooth project. First, Dr. Dunlop’s business is booming and couldn’t be shut down for the project. She also informed us about her last encounter with a roofer. The roofer took advantage for a lot of money, and installed a very cheap metal roof system. We took the time to understand her situation and made sure she understood all of the steps necessary for a correct roof install.

Keeping the business open during 4-day install

The install of the roof went smoothly. We took care not to disrupt the business and its activities while working on our install. Due to the size and complexity of the project, it required four days for the install and one for new gutters. We didn’t run into any issues and had great weather during the install.

New roof approved by third-party consultant

After our work was completed Dr. Dunlop hired a third party roofing consultant to assess our work. We completely understood seeing as to how she had been burned before with dishonest roofers. We stand behind our work and it showed. The roofing consultant couldn’t find any sort of issue with our service.

Dr. Allison Dunlop was incredibly happy with our work. Impressed with our efficiency and attention to detail, she was happy about our recommendations for key parts of the project. She said she had found us online due to our high ratings and great reviews left by our past clients. She left a great review for us as well and said she will definitely refer any friends or family to us for any sort of roofing needs.



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