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Throughout the past several years, Wisconsin Roofing has been providing a number of first class services throughout the Brookfield area. We’re proud to say that we provide an excellent range of services including: Roofing Replacement, Roof Leaks, Insulation, Masonry Work and so much more. If you’re looking for a provider with top tier quality and a guarantee…from the kindest team of professionals around then you should consider choosing Wisconsin Roofing. You won’t be sorry!

This newly installed roof was done in Owens Corning using the Duration Designer Shingles. The color selected for this project was Aged Copper. With this job, we added 5″ storm gutters to help keep rain water from getting into the home. A new EPDM flat roof complete with roof to wall flashings completed this job.

The homeowner was extremely happy with the outcome of his new roof and gutters.

Products: Owens Corning Designer Shingle. Color, Aged Copper. Includes New Roof, Gutters and Flat Roof.

New Roof Installs, Brookfield, WI

Throughout the past few years, Wisconsin Roofing has taken on a higher rate of new roof installs in Brookfield. With a little over 16,000 house holds in this area, we’ve found many of them well maintained, however at or approaching the end of service life. This in turn brought on a whole spectrum of new roof installations ranging from shingles to slate.

Our team provides all types of commercial and residential roofing services in Brookfield, WI to help our customers with their needs and expectations. We carry out everything from basic repair jobs to complex roof replacements for both homes and businesses in Brookfield, WI.

This Brookfield project covered a few of the key components to a healthy roof system.

  1. A new flat EPDM roof
  2. New gutters to help direct rain water
  3. New shingle roof

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